We Invite You to Drink the Nectar...But Not Get Stuck


Aloha, this is another in the series of channeled messages from animal collective consciousness from the Malibu Canyon/Santa Monica mountains last year. I hold these so dear now and appreciate getting to share them. Thank you!


We’re very curious

And we feel very large and in charge

You may see us as very small

But that’s not how we feel


Speed gives you choices, you know

And we have so much speed


When we come to you

We’re showing you something

About timing

We’re showing you

How time moves and shifts

We’re showing you,

how moments can stop

And how you can move through spaces

And then hover

We’re showing you how you can expand one moment

And within that, drink its nectar

And then you make a choice

And poof

You’re somewhere else

Sometime else


Hummingbird is a portal

The humming of our wings

The design of how they move

Which we know you have read

Is in an infinity symbol…

We are showing you the infinite possibilities within each moment

We are showing you

That you can hover and expand

Or you can choose to be somewhere else

And we are inviting you

To make snap decisions

Based on what you sense and feel

To master your focus

To allow you to move on

If the nectar where you’re at

Is not sweet

To move on

If that upon which you gaze

Is not delightful

This is why we have wings

And we invite you to find your wings

Wings not just for flight

But wings that allow you

To choose your moments

To fall within divine timing

To be open to the next delight

Be open and expand and choose


One last thing

Take the time to really look

And see

What draws you

Take the time

To drink in

The object of your curiosity

And teach yourself

To trust

What you feel

Right then

Teach yourself

To hover long enough to know

But to not get stuck

When it’s time to move





Sheila GallienComment