We Invite You To Take A Chance On Each Other

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Good morning!

So we would like to talk to you today

About taking chances

Woo-hoo! Taking chances!

And we know that you’re accustomed to thinking about this

In the sense of adventure

And we highly recommend adventure


But the adventure that we are talking about

Is taking chances on one another

Taking chances WITH one another

And this will require a fearlessness on your part

That is beyond the race car driver

That is beyond the big wave surfer

There are no helmets for this

Or seat belts


Now we would tell you that you are infinitely connected

To the greatest helmet of all (laughs)

Which is the source of your creation

Which is the ever-flowing, effervescent, ever-creating

Ever-powerful, ever-loving, never-ending

Fountain of your soul

Fountain of the source of your soul

Essence of all

That in this sense there is no chance of you ever failing

Because there is always always renewal

There is always expansion

There is always the beauty and birth

Of the light


But this is harder to experience in a body (laughs)

Your beautiful bodies are equipped

with all of these sensitive sensors

For pain

For adjustment

For course correction


We do want to remind you that you are here to expand

That you are here on a mission

That you are not here to drive a sensible car

From a sensible house

Around a sensible corner

And to sit comfortably with your loved ones

And watch The Voice

You are here to BE the voice! (laughs)


You are here to fail



And so we have talked about the expression of your own gifts

We have talked about the activation of who you are

In terms of your own creation

Because you are creative beings

And it is satisfying to you to be creative

But where we want to invite you to be

The real innovators

Is with each other


Oh, this is the hard one (laughs)

It is, we know, very difficult

To love and like one another

Even the ones who are closest to you

Even the ones you have already primarily approved of


And yet the world is filled with behaviors

Well, that can go by many names

That are destructive

That some would like to affiliate with the “devil”

We just think that word is kind of funny

It is this darkness within one’s own heart

This completely shut off experience from the light

That creates those actions


And this will be your biggest challenge

Because how do you not give up on one another

When you are acting badly?

Consistently badly

And when you’re hurt

When you’re so, so hurt


And this is the time of awakening

This is the time of sharing secrets

But the first secret--

It is the first secret to share what has been done to you

It is a blessed and beautiful sharing

It is a magnificent occurrence that is happening

It is the power of connection


But it is so important to not get stuck there

Not on that energy 

Of being perpetrated upon

Because what you are really awakening

Is the perpetrator within you

Because each of you has perpetrated

Some sort of…hmmm

Act upon another

They may not be as heinous

But within your own heart, you have slayed (laughs)

Dramatic language, we know

Within your own heart,

Within your own thoughts,

Within your own pain

You have become the perpetrator

And so, what could be more important

Than loving the perpetrator?


Now we are not saying to not hold accountable

Because that is not loving

It is not loving to let people off the hook

What is loving is to shine the light on them

And to not blanket them in shame

To the point to which they cannot see out


It is not to pat them on the back and say

That was naughty

It is to hold them to their greatest capacity


Whether it is within an institution

Where they need to be separated

Whether it is in the most extreme case

--Of prison--well in the most extreme case of death (lauhgs)

But in the most extreme case of prison

And in the next level of institutions

Of businesses

Now here’s the challenge

To find a way to hold people accountable

Without it turning into a witch-hunt


To find a way to hold the light upon them

And to join in humanity

To hold them to their best potential

To not allow the shaming behaviors,

But to not stone them to such an extent

That there is not hope of them rising


Because look around at how many have fallen?



And so we invite you to take a chance on each other

We invite you to take the chance

Of holding people to their ability to change

And it will take the entire consciousness

Of every available person

To lift each other


Everyone who sees must now hold


Hold accountable

But let them know that they can do better


Now we don’t expect them to act well initially

When you take a child who is acting badly

And you recognize their behavior

They do not immediately come to an epiphany (laughs)

Of how they will react better

But in lovingly holding them accountable for their actions

You allow them to go through the steps

Of tantrum

Of anger

Of shame


Now you don’t buy them an ice cream while this happens

But you continue to see their possibility

To act from a higher place

To make a more powerful choice

And we use powerful


In a sense of being connected to their highest self

Because that is true power

And we all know it when we feel it


So we invite you to keep asking the question of

How can we lift each other?

First we must see each other

And this, this is a miraculous time

This is a glorious time

Of so many seeing fearlessly

You see yourself

You must come back to yourself

And see all of yourself


Now when we say “see”

We mean see with the heart

With the heart center of the universe

We mean see with the eyes of God

We mean see with the heart of Christ

We mean see with the all-loving, omnipresent, omniscient, omni-powerful, all-luminous infinitely creative force of life

We mean see with the embodiment of the light


And so when you turn your gaze inward

When you gaze upon yourself and see yourself wholly

See your own crimes

See your own perpetration

See your own abuse

Imagine the light of the most luminous love

Holding you

As you watch this

Like you are watching a scary movie

In the arms of God


Maybe eat a little popcorn

And have some Raisinets

While you watch this movie of yourself

And bring this loving kindness to yourself

And watch the alchemy of what transpires

As you forgive yourself


And make the commitment

To act from a higher palace

Recognize these times when you slip

Down that slippery slope

When you feel yourself making a choice

From fear

From disappointment

From greed

From manipulation

Just commit to feeling that shift


This is the shift you must make in yourself

And the shift from this empowered place where—

Hmmm empowered is just no the right word

Wholly embbodied place

Remember, this is your helmet (laughs)


From this place of full-bodied….

We lack the word, it’s not quite protection

It’s just, full-bodied plug-in

From this place it is impossible to make a choice

That is not expansive, loving and courageous

Because the choice will always be with one

Even the term courageous implies a separation


So we invite you to take a chance on yourself

Take a chance on seeing the light

And then holding yourself accountable

And recognizing in yourself

Where those damaging choices come from

On holding yourself accountable

For consistently putting yourself in a place

Where you can make a better choice


And from this

Shine your light upon those around you

Challenge yourself to see them from your highest self

Challenge yourself to see their highest self

To hold them to their highest behavior


And communally work together

To create systems

That will walk people through the process

Of truly changing

So that you can all be lifted

Into the magnificent world that is being created

As we speak

As you listen

As you speak


It is gloriously infinitely possible

And it is

It is

It is now



And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe

To watch the live channeling, follow this link. Message begins at 4:08 if you want to skip right to it!





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