About Sheila/Lumina


Channeled Readings and Intuitive Guidance

In January of 2017, I suddenly began to channel a divine consciousness. It was weird, and I was skeptical, and I didn’t want to tell anyone about it.

Bit by bit, I was guided through the process of learning to receive the message, and to know myself as a divine messenger. I know, right? They made me say it out loud on Facebook! Sooo embarrassing!

It all started with me asking the question, who am I? And it went from there. They began to talk about this thing called ascension, and more than anything, the building of a heart superhighway, where we are all connected, and this new network that we are all creating with each other, this new earth. Ascension energies. Light bodies. Stuff I did not really know anything about at the time.

It was WEIRD! But, then…not weird.

It all made sense, like the most sense anything had ever made to me. The weird part was that it was happening to me. Why me? Was I even—is worthy the right word? Could I really do this? Was I…whatever enough? WHY was it happening? Then? To me?

I know now, that it is to help others like me, who have some of those same questions, who sense that something huge is going on, and they don’t want to miss out. Whose creativity is burgeoning. Whose gifts are awakening. And who still have kind of regular jobs.

I’m not your typical channeler or medium, at least not like the ones I’ve met, who are cool, just a little more, I dunno…ethereal. I’ve walked a LOT of different paths in life. I still work for a manufacturing business managing the marketing and sales teams. I do spreadsheets. I meet with buyers and merchandisers for some of the biggest, indeed, THE biggest, companies in the world. About hardware.

Before that, I worked as a concierge in Hawaii for timeshare companies.

Before that, I was in Hollywood, as an assistant to a literary agent, and then as an assistant to a prominent Hollywood screenwriter. I worked with and for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and on blockbuster movies under highly pressured deadlines with major money and careers at stake.

I also have written screenplays, been optioned, been hired, and have been a writing consultant for the last 20 years. I am a script whisperer. I had an impressive website, which I finally took down (but I’ll send you the testimonials if you want to see them).

Not to mention the decades of on again, off again work as a waitress, a bartender, a hubcap scrubber, a pizza delivery girl, and probably a bunch of things I don’t quite remember.

Then there is the story that doesn’t go on the resume…

136 Grateful Dead shows in under 3 years, traveling through 48 states in altered states, studying at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, the Institute for Higher Consciousness in Berkeley, studying yoga and aruyeveda and meditation, a long and deep journey into Wicca and the goddess based religions, ecstatic dance, labyrinths, tarot, a sleazy deep dive into the world of the Blues and the darkness therein, Crowley, and more. Oh, and a degree in Theater Arts, a boatload of literature classes, and a deep background in the distribution of the resource base.

Consciousness delights in using and awakening ALL of our gifts. The Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe uses my language, experience, images, life experience, inter-dimensional experience, human experience, heartbreak, loss, love, to weave together ideas that are helpful. Practical. To help you know who you are. To guide you. To integrate. To expand. To feel amazing.

If you want a more extensive reading, the conversation after the reading draws on my connection, and uses the breadth of my life experiences and intuition to offer practical guidance in alignment with who you really are.

So, who am I, did they say?

I am a juicy, prolific messenger of the divine.

I am of the Heart Center lineage. Just as I have traveled many places and lived many times on earth, I am of a multitude of star families.

My name is Lumina Vasiva Kanika Lakinos. (I know? What???)

Or, on this planet, Sheila, who has just packed a lot of living in already.

Yes I am!