About Sheila


Writer, surfer, channel, activator, Sheila helps people see the truth about who they really are, feel the depth of their connection, and unlock the power of their natural gifts, so they can joyfully find their way to a purpose-filled life.

Her clients learn to identify the feeling of being called, not driven, to trust their decisions as they move into their journey, to know deep in their hearts that what they are working on is what they are supposed to be working on, then build the support and structures, the fierce focus, to get it done.

Sheila spent the last two decades as a screenwriting consultant and coach for hundreds of writers. She began her career working and mentoring under Academy Award nominated writer Bill Broyles, where she worked with creatives like Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta Jones, Bob Zemeckis, and Adrian Lyne, and experienced firsthand both the play of creativity and the intense focus it takes to give it form.

Her unique talent is understanding the story beneath the story, the one that is trying to emerge, and to help the writer give that form. Her clients, professional and amateur, have made movies, won contests, and launched careers.

She began to notice a pattern, in story conferences with hundreds of clients, that the best, deepest work, was often still within the writer, not on the page. The juicy stuff. The rare stuff. They had doubted their instincts, or not been able to see or hear what was within, or been so pressured by a desire to succeed that they squeezed the life out of their own work. Her interest moved from the script itself, to the greater story of the writer. What was REALLY trying to emerge? Was it always a better screenplay? Or was there something else? And, just as importantly, what was stopping them from accessing and translating what was trying to come through? What were their REAL gifts? Were they even in writing?

Her work with gifts as a gateway emerged from Sheila’s own journey, which began by answering a call to paddle out into icy waters on a surfboard at the age of 36. That single YES led to an extraordinary adventure, a short thrill ride as a writer in Hollywood, a decade in Hawaii, late breaking motherhood, a pathway through addiction, and the unshakable knowledge that she is here for this:  to help others find the clarity, courage and commitment to answer THEIR calls, write the stories only they can write, build the businesses only they can build, live in the world in their own powerful, authentic way.