What Should Education Look Like for the New Earth?

Photo by Hudson_Kona on IG

Photo by Hudson_Kona on IG

Good morning, beloveds

We want to speak with you today about education

We want to speak with you about what’s next

About what is the access point

And what is it that your youth needs to know going forward

What is it that your adults need to know going forward

What is it that will be of service

What is it that will be of use

In the world that you are creating?


And the first thing we’ll speak to are the qualities

The quality of kindness

And the quality of courage

And these qualities form together

In a way that expresses enactment


These are not latent qualities

And they are also not qualities of live and let live

They are not qualities of I’m okay you’re ok

They are not qualities of you are less than

They are not qualities of you are greater than

They are qualities that enact

Principles of fairness

Of commitment

Of consideration

And of action

Of right, guided action


We encourage you to teach your children

To open their eyes as they open their hearts

And our work is largely to guide this concept

Of an open expanding heart

While interacting actively with what

Comes up in yourself


And so this kindness we speak about

Is a kindness we invite you to turn back upon yourself, consistently

And the courage we speak about

Is the courage to look within

At that which you must meet with kindness

It is a blazing openness towards your own humanity

Which will then allow you

To see others

And having the courage to observe yourself candidly

And then meet those observations with kindness


So these are the qualities we’re speaking about

And notice that we are not calling for a fight

And yet we are not calling for submission

That we are not calling for this polarized experience

That we are calling for the experience of seeing the truth

At an ever more deeply connected level


For each thing that you see,

Ask, how is that connected?

How is that connected?

Keep backing up

Bigger and bigger and bigger

Until you see the whole

Until you see the roles

That everyone is playing

Until you see and imagine

What might be the role in this ecosystem

Of somebody enacting dangerous and frightening things

Which is not to say to condone them

Which is not to say to accept them

It is simply to ask you

To investigate more deeply

In this great system

And this great collective of your consciousness

What can this represent?

And in this way, you begin to observe

What your role might be

And that your role is flexible

That your role is mutable

That you may have played out a role for many lifetimes

That you can now shift

As your understanding has grown


And so the tools that are needed now

Are most especially

The ability to see the connection of all and

To feel one’s own sphere of influence

Perhaps this is best and most easily seen

In simple acts

Like planting strawberries

Like watering trees

In kindness to animals

In kindness to each other

In ways that we would say show

That as these crises build in the world around you

The role of these crises

Is to demonstrate the behavior

That lifts into a new consciousness

Like the fires in California

Which have shown such tremendous

Bravery and love and camaraderie in human beings


And so the question is

How does this go into service and everyday life

When you are not in crisis?


The answer to what education needs to be

Is that children need to learn to make things

They need to learn to grow things

They need to learn to design things

They need to learn to build things

They need to learn a new history

They need to understand the gleefulness of challenging

The history encoded in these exhausting, exhausted history books

They need to know about the history of the vibrancy of their race

They need to question and examine and dream about where they came from

They need to conjure their connection to all that is around them


And we would lean very heavily on communication

We would lean very heavily on developing the languages

That people need to communicate with one another

This is the spoken word

This is the written word

This is body language

This is energy

This is unspoken agendas

This is the understanding

The emotional intelligence of triggering

Of competition

Of FOMO (fear of missing out)


The human potential movement that has been part of education

With the placating and the buffering up

Is the transition to emotional intelligence

And yet it has gone off the rails

Your children are growing up with an intuition

And an ability to exchange information and energy

Through visual patterns and language that have been embedded in them

Through the devices and wireless transmissions

And yet they also are highly attuned

To energies coming on to the planet

From outside sources

Meaning inside sources


And so, it is extremely important

That they begin to gain control over their own transmissions

And this is why they must make things

They must build things

They must design things

Because they are powerful transmitters


They have chosen to come onto the planet

At this most extraordinary time

And don’t let them fool you

These children deserve and need and crave the challenge

Of being engaged

Get their hands in the dirt

Get their hearts connected with each other

Get them into nature

Nothing could be more important

Because they will naturally develop the pathways

When they can feel the difference between a radio transmission

And a divine transmission

Their circuitry is crackling

And so feed them connection

To the great creation

Even if they complain


Our suggestion

Is to get the children into the water

And have them bring their parents

Get the children into the baptism

And have them bring their parents

For one moment

Of immersion

Of exhilaration

Of rewiring

It is in these tiny moments of connection

That that expansive role can be seen

That people break out of roles they know

And see their own fluidity

And their own flexibility

Of what they can create

The good news is these lessons are fun

The good news is these lessons are inviting

The good news is these experiences are beautiful

And there can be no possibility of there being too many

Or too many people facilitating them

Or too many people creating them


And so what we’re really saying

Is to invite people into the sacred

And yet those words sound

Like distractions

When what people are craving

Is something practical

When what people are craving

Is a vocation

When what people are craving

Is a home

When what people are craving

Are jobs that enrich them


We invite you to consistently urge, invite, experience

All that you can

Into the sacred

And trust that there they will find their guidance

And as whole communities awaken to this connection

Whole new solutions are born

And this is the path we invite

For education

Kindness, courage, expression, connection, exhilaration

And immersion

For moments at a time

Into the sacred


We see such beauty in the human heart

The capacity is limitless

And we are here with you


And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe