What Is A Conscious Person To Do In These Times? (Channeling)

The new weapon is love, but love is not complacent. It is courageous, expansive, active, absorbing, and engaged.

This is a channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe, and the Band of Light. Audio is below, and transcript follows.


Sometimes the channeling that has been happening for me takes awhile to warm up. Not today. As I was walking up the hill, the message started to come through. I actually wanted to talk about something else, but no go.

 I usually ask a question, and then an answer flows.

This question was inspired by the many people I know who are incredible, powerful activists in the world, and the many people I know who are on a spiritual path that does not include external activism. 

Some, who have marched or “resisted” before, feel not only no call to do so, but an aversion, and a need to protect themselves from the fight.

Some, who are deeply concerned, do not understand what looks to them like complacency.

Still others, who are actually encouraged or feel validated by what is happening, build a wall around themselves to protect themselves from judgment.

All of this disunity will only perpetuate more of the same. What is needed is for each of us to expand our own consciousness beyond the idea of “winning,” or “resistance,” or even peace, which still implies duality.

The new weapon is love, but love is not complacent. It is courageous, expansive, active, absorbing, and engaged.

The message coming through was about how important each role is in our creation of the new earth, and how we can and must create unity among us and support each other’s gifts.

What follows is a transcript of the session:


So the question is, what is a conscious person to do in these times? And what of the choices of “resistance “versus spiritual activism versus activism. Is it irresponsible to not be marching in the streets and writing letters?

It is so important that there is unity now and yet the fear is creating disunity even with those who share consciousness.

So there was a lot coming through as I was walking up the hill, and I thought we were going to talk bout something else but…so that is the question…


So the first thing we want to speak to is this idea of winning

And many people are feeling in this rise of this president, there are many comparisons to Hitler, and WWII and this kind of danger

And the thing we really need to be heard is that that war was not won

That it did get better for many people in many countries, but genocide, hatred, fear, hunger, oppression, rape, destruction has continued nonstop on the planet

So there’s only a slim perception that anything changed

Yes that dark time was stopped and yes it was stopped by fighting, by bigger weapons

But what we really want you to see is that it was just more of the same

And that this is a time when we change our weapons

People misinterpret the idea that love is the weapon, and they believe that this is just lying down and letting this take place, “this” being more oppression

And this president has allowed, we have brought him forth, YOU have brought him forth, to show the world the state of the world

That all of these things, this hatred, this judgment this oppression have not gone away

Many of us, many of you live in a place that was protected from it

And so our brothers and sisters who are so alive and ignited and full of the desire for love and peace for everyone, this is exactly what it will take

But it is very important to understand that there are those who really are working at other levels

What this will take is the speaking of the new earth

Now the scriptures and stories that talk about the 7th day, that talk about the end of days, yes, this is upon us

And yet the part that has not been spoken about except in secret circles is that this is a mystic crisis, this is the end of a certain paradigm, this is the end of a certain dimensional reality

And while we can’t say that people are rejoicing at suffering, we can say that the point is this birth is of a new dimension, and the thinking has to be inter-dimensional

It has to be bigger

It has to come from a different source

And as some are calibrating this energy, it is important to understand that they are not hiding. That they are like great shaman gathering their powers

And it is not a dualistic fight

And so those who CAN stand and hold this torch of light and truth are glorious mighty beautiful parts of this

It is very important that you support and recognize those of your brothers and sisters who are priming and calibrating also this dimensional shift

There is no doubt that the power of mind can change everything, what you call mind. All you have to do is look at spontaneous healing. Look at what you call miracles. And we can spontaneously transmute the dis-ease that is widespread

And it takes the consciousness of all

And the greater this consciousness builds there is a tipping point

It’s like when people didn’t believe the world was round, when they forgot and the world was seen in a certain way

It’s like every new breakthrough and threshold in consciousness

This consciousness is inter-dimensional

This new earth is inter-dimensional

And it is dependent upon the integration of this planet with the new energies

"New" is really a misnomer, it’s just that it’s time

And the sadness and tragedies occurring in the natural world

We know that it sounds irresponsible

We’re not turning our back on this dimension

We’re asking you to open to the powers that can truly heal

To keep opening to your greater gifts and consciousness

Because like Einstein said you cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that it’s been created

This has been said many times, you can’t solve hatred with hatred

But you also can’t solve evil with rational thought

What you call evil

Because it is tapped into a completely different paradigm

Have you ever convinced anyone of anything with rational thought?

Absolutely not

It’s experience

And so we bless and lift the experiencer

And although this may not be something that can be done face to face

Some as they grow stronger, as they become masters, like Jesus was

They can stand in the face of the truly sickest and most despairing and most hateful

And they can love with such complete connection that that person has a chance to transmute

This is mastery

And there are people on the path of mastery

The second coming is not just one

The Christ consciousness is a consciousness

It is an army, if you will, of light

But again that’s dualistic

And we just keep coming to share that it is not a dualistic experience

And so we’re not ever asking people to be blind or ignore tragedies

However we are asking for the support of those who are energetically amassing these connections and these portals

Who are literally making connections along this crystal grid

We are asking for us to see each other

For all of those who see a greater Truth

But to be open

And the most radical thought of all is to bless, truly bless those that are showing us that are bringing to all of us, to all of you, what we see as evil

Blessing is not condoning

It is not the same energy

But it is blessing this pain, this avenue within these beings

And it does not mean stop making laws

It does not mean stop writing

It does not mean any of that

But it is so important that you continually uplift and open your own consciousness

As we stand together

And hold the hand of the light keepers

Those of you who can stand in the midst of it and are strong enough in this particular way

Hold the hand of those who are strong in another

The key is our gifts

And this is what is so important—we all have gifts

And those gifts are the gateway to the consciousness

Those gifts will bring us to a world full of mastery

And so whatever you see somebody developing these divine gifts

Celebrate, support and hold their hands

Don’t believe that they’re turning their backs on divine transformation

They are not

They are channeling and bringing though…

Imagine the frequencies

Ahhh, sound is so important

Imagine the frequencies that can move boulders

Imagine what those masters will do

And let us hold and support each other in this transformation

And so we come as a band of angels, we come as a band of light, we come as the heart center of the heart center of the universe

All of us connected in this great and unprecedented transformation

On this most spectacular of planets

And changing the consciousness of this planet

Changes the consciousness of the universe

Of the multiverse

Changes the course of creation

It is that important

And let us join in this song, in this dance, in this gift

Let us listen for the songs







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