What Does It Take to Find That High Vibin 5D Relationship?


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Good morning, good morning

Lovely lovely lovely souls

Oh yes, today we will speak about relationships

Ahhhh relationships

And we know the kind that you want us to talk about


And to talk about those kinds of relationships

We need to talk about new relationships

And a new relationship requires an entirely different approach


And the reason that many of you don’t see it

Is because you’re looking for the one that is played out

Over and over again in stories

And that has been say archived or literally tattooed

Into the consciousness from 20th and 21st century film

And that is the idea of falling in love

That is the idea of love being a nest

A comfort

Into which you cocoon

Into which you, well, fall

As if it is a protective barrier

You and me against the world

We we we we we (laughs)

Our family

Our relationship


And the truth is this has never really been real

And if you were to find those great loves and ask them

The ones you believe you’re emulating, want to emulate

And ask them what it’s really like inside

You might find a different kind of answer


And we don’t mean the ones that are new


Because life is always happening

And this is more accelerated

Than at any other time in human history

Because you have so much connection to it

Life is always happening

There are disruptions and tragedies and heartbreaks and challenges

And life is also unfolding exquisitely

Always at the same time

And at the same time that there are tragedies

There are joyful miracles

This is an old subject, trying to focus on those things

And not just the negatives


But what we’re really talking about is that

There is nowhere to go

There is no soft landing

There is no place that you will feel at home

With this person

Except in your own consciousness

And where the two of you intercept

As conscious beings


And so those of you that have experienced this awakening

That are walking in these newer dimensions

You are not going to find that old model

It is no longer in your capacity to “fall” in love

What is within your capacity

Is to meet, standing,

From your great kingdom and queendom

From your embodied magnificence

To meet eye to eye with another magnificent soul

Who sees you

And who sees themselves


And we hear the discouragement that

There cannot be enough of these people out there

But we assure you that there are (laughs)


But it takes a certain amount of discipline

To keep your eyes upon the hills from which cometh your help (laughs)

It takes a practice of not settling


Settling is really an old term

And, in fact, it’s like the addict who ultimately chooses sobriety

Because the addiction no longer works

Not because they want sobriety (Laughs)

Because they don’t really know what sobriety is

But they know that the freedom they sought

The comfort they sought

Through the old patterns ONLY brings

Discomfort, disconnection and misery

And self-loathing


And it is just that way with the new relationships

That it is an old habit to seek this comfortable place that you can fall into

Just so that you can die

Which is really what happens to most people (laughs) in some form


And for those that continue to grow and see themselves in each other

Those are the relationships that evolve into something

That you might want to emulate

But you only saw the beginning


You haven’t seen the places where people have come into themselves

That have chosen  the greater path

That have each chosen the greater path

And have found their ways to each other

In this great co-creation


It is the entryway that you’re not seeing

Because there are not any models for this just yet

And so you look around each corner

You look in all the old places

In the frustration of this relationship not materializing


So we recommend to you that you look for new patterns

That you put your entire focus

On what that new relationship would feel like

What that new relationship would look like

Who you are in that relationship

And don’t so much look around the corners

But broadcast yourself


Because this person whom you seek is also broadcasting

And see this is the really big difference

This person that you seek is conscious

And is broadcasting

It is not somebody who doesn’t know it is happening

And so this limits your search time (laughs)

While it may also limit the number of people available to you

If you did not see them standing sentinel in your conscious work

Then you are not looking at the right person


If you are waiting for them to awaken

--Which is not entirely impossible

But they would not be ready for this relationship until they stand up—

It’s as if you can see them up upon the crystal grid

Imagine this grid encircling the earth

In waves and undulating waves of vibration

With the hot spots of the earth, and they are changing by the way

Where this vibration is transmitting

And imagine these sentinels of light and embodiment

Popping up within this network

And you can see them out there

And so make yourself visible

In this same consciousness

In this new dimension

Although you will be living here

In all the dimensions

With your presence within this 3D world

You are living more fully inter-dimensionally


And we don’t mean that you’re going to have an etheric relationship

This is for the relationships within this plane

That you can physically feel, that you can touch

That you can have a person to barbecue with

We don’t mean an energetic lover


So the practice requires a discipline

And a commitment

Of living in the full embodiment of your enlightened vibration

Because how else will they find you?


And this doesn’t mean to abandon your earthly form

And the feelings and experiences that come with that

Because this is all part of you

It is part of caring for that earthly form

Caring for the disappointment and the frustration and the impatience

And it’s not a blind faith, like

Oh, I just have to…I’ll have a little cry, because my beloved is coming

That’s a little too flip, and it’s too unintegrated

It’s all right to feel the sorrow, the full sorrow of wanting that connection

But once you have comforted that

Then recalibrate the connection you really want

Because what you are crying for

Is that comfort that you think you’re going to fall into


Because the connection that you are going to make

Is so profound and so continuous

That once you understand it

You won’t have to cry that you don’t have it

Even when your beloved moves in and out of your physical space

You will no longer experience the kind of longing

That accompanies this craving for rest, for belonging


It does not feel like an easy path

But we want to remind you that that other path that sounds easier

We would invite you to review your experience

And see how easy it really was


And so we do invite you to learn the word “no”

Maybe there’s a better word…

We were going to say the word no to

Those things, those people, those experiences

That are not at the level…

We don’t like the word level…

That are not in the expansion zone that you are truly living at

But we want to see if there is a better way


Maybe this:

I’ll choose THIS one

I’ll choose THIS door

I’ll choose THIS one

And so that you become ever-conscious

That you have a choice


And it may even be that at times you choose

For lack of a better expression

The less evolved

The less awakened door

Just know you’re there

And once you’ve comforted, integrated and loved on yourself

And this expression of experience

Then go back into that full embodiment

Of your multi-dimensional radiant self

And practice living there again


And this is where you will find your relationship

We almost need a new word

But it is still accurate because it is an experience in relation

With another

But where each of you

Is the most integrated I AM that you can be

It is a relationship between the I AM and the I AM

Which is the different from the relationship between

I want and I want

And I need and I need


And so we come to you form the great I AM

From the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe








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