We Want You To Turn Yourself On (Then Practice With Each Other)


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Aloha beloveds, it is so good to be with you right now

We have been speaking for some time now

And we feel it is time to focus on the core of this message

And we want to speak to you today about flipping switches

We want to speak to you today about turning yourself on (laughs)


Because this is really what we’re here for

We are really here to help you flip your switch

To help you make this connection


If you can imagine those old time movies

Imagine the old time scientist in his laboratory

Young Frankenstein

That moment where the giant switch gets flipped

And the electrical current begins to flow

And everything begins to connect and vibrate

Not necessarily smoothly (laughs)


We want to guide you out of that chaotic image

And bring you to this image of a figure eight

Looping through your human body up to your celestial body

And we’re not going to get technical right now

We just want you to feel that image

That lighting bolt of energy

Looping down and passing through the center

Of your head

Through that third eye

And looping back up through your celestial body

And that connection

Until that figure eight begins to glow and radiate

And this is as technical as we’re going to get


But what we want you to understand

Is that this ignition allows you to make different choices

And choice is at the heart of our message

Choice is why we come to speak with you


We come into that moment before you make the choice

Because this really is the great struggle

What keeps you from making the choices

Your greater, more integrated, playful, ecstatic divine self wants to make?

But it’s no fun if you’re not connected

Your divine self doesn’t want to do this without your human self

And so this is a knitting together in a way that’s never been done before

This is why this moment is so magnificent

This is why what is available to you is so unique

Because never have you had at your fingertips

At your heart tips

The capacity to be everything at once

All together


And we want you to know it is in our message

It is just in these words

It is just in what comes through these words

It is just in this current

It is just enough to switch

To flip that switch

It is in everything we say

It is in everything we do

It is in everything we touch

It is in everything that you have access to

And we are here

Flipping switches


We want you to hear, know, feel and see

That this is an effortless proposition

In its inception

And the part that is efforting for you

Is to carry it through

Carry it through

Carry it through


That each time you have the opportunity

To flip that switch and make that choice that is electrified

Ride what you can and follow it through


And this is a practice

It is a practice of bringing all of this integrated electric wowiness

Into your current actions

Into your current reality

You see you don’t have to transcend reality

You have to expand reality

And expand your capacity to create within it

And feel it, acknowledge it, radiate it

And it really is that simple

And yet as we say and have said

It is a practice

It is not automatic

It is not yet what you know how to be

But you have all of the capacity

And we are here flipping switches


We are just one expression of this

We are this particular expression of this

You have access to untold switch flipping

Within your realities

And you know what they are

And we ask you to stay joyful in this sense

We ask you to keep plugging in


This does not mean to not show up in the world

In fact it’s the opposite

But we ask you to flip this switch BEFORE you show up in the world

Before you go to that rally

Before you write that letter

Before you show up with that legislation (laughs)

Before you show up at that meeting

Bring this WITH you

Weave yourself together with your divine

Bring that with you

Bring US with you

Bring this all with you and see what happens

When you begin to connect and crackle

With all of those who are also bringing it with you

Because you cannot believe what’s going to happen

Imagine all of this light linking together

And what can be created in an instant

It is instantaneous what can happen!


And so this really is your most important work

To keep flipping those switches

And mirror that to each other

What is better than the ignition by another?


What is better than that?

And it is a binary expansion

It happens faster and in multiples that you can’t even fathom

You are already a light


And we come to you

With all the power

Of your infinite source

In the vibration of love

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe

Woot woot!

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