We Want You to Learn to Sleep Walk



Good morning!

So we would like to speak to you today

About sleep (laughs)

We were going to talk about responsibility

But we think we need to talk more about sleep


And we mean sleep in every possible way

And we want to pose the question to you,

Is sleep an escape?

And if it is,

Where does your judgment come on this kind of escape?


Because we feel the judgment in all of you

As these times move forward

These times of what you can only call tragedy

These times of despair

These times of tragedy


And we ask you, if you take your rest within this

Are you turning your back on those you love?


And can you find moments within to take rest?

So that what you see is not destruction

But what you see is the love and capacity

That you have for one another?


And so we invite you to look at sleep as a pivot point

As a shift in consciousness

And that there is a difference between

The proverbial head in the sand

And genuine focus on love and goodness and expansion and capacity

And so we guess we ARE talking bout responsibility

But we’re taking about the responsibility

The joyful responsibility

That you can cultivate to love one another


And it really is a matter of focus

We’ve said before it is an old message


But it is not about the things around you

And it is really not even about your temporal presence

It is really about what you are able to create together

What we are all able to create together


And the opening with full awareness into all that occurs

Does not mean that you have to be turned on,

Exposed with your senses and nerves,

Consistently bombarded


And in fact we invite you

To consistently turn to the source of repair

Of regeneration


We want you to sleep better

In your physical bodies

We want you to surround yourself with restful thoughts


And we want you to learn to sleep while you walk

Sleeping to what you could perceive as the fires of hell

No matter how present they may be


And awakening to the love and capacity

That is being born at every moment


And this is not to minimize suffering

Not for a moment


Not to stop loving those that are suffering so deeply

But to not throw yourself completely into that suffering

Because no matter how tempting it may be

When one starts to focus and empathize at that level consistently

You deplete yourself of the capacity to bring joy

And nothing alleviates suffering more than love and joy!


We invite you, our friends, to cultivate this peace

And how can you do this?


We invite you to pick up the phone and call your friends

Instead of finding all of it on social media

There is something in the amplification of how things are transmitted

In these visual ways

--And it is so beautiful that we are all connected

It is so beautiful that you have an awareness--

But the energy that gets amplified

Is the distress


And we do not mean to minimize the distress

But the energy you need to amplify

-And we know it’s reported, and there is beauty reported

And we know how joyful that is-

But nonetheless the energy that gets amplified

Is the one of fear and panic


We’d like to say that you need a new--

Well we would say that you need a new kind of social media

But the one that we are building

Is the superhighway of the heart

And that is the way we want you to connect with each other

In these times

In all times


You have your very own network

And it is replete with images, information, voices (laughs)

It is voice activated

It is thought activated

It is heart activated


And we think if you tune into your own receptors

Come within your heart

And notice the capacity that has been built around it

Notice right now as you are plugged into the crystal grid

Notice what is being built from your heart center

Notice what is available to you

That you can transmit to all that you love

From right here


And so we encourage all of you to

Turn on your true transmitters

And to maybe put some of those other filters on

Turn on “airplane mode”

Let that be your sleep

Filter in only what you know to be true

Reach out to your beloveds in real time

Reach out to them energetically

And absolutely pick up the phone

Send them a check (laughs)

Invite them to your (home)


We know so much of this has happened

So much goodness

And we love the social media


But we encourage you to sleep

To the energy of disaster


To cultivate instead the energy of creation

Because we know what you are capable of

(laughing at the crashing waves )

You are capable of washing all of this away

You are capable of sweeping each other up in your love

You are capable of waking up with new gifts

With new buildings

With new structures


And we encourage those of you

Who are so fearlessly forging that path

To stay that course of creation

And to continue the love that is pouring from your hearts

And to know that you don’t’ have to keep one eye on it

You only have to keep your eye on the prize

You only have to keep your eye on the love


This doesn’t’ mean that you don’t see.

In sleep, are you really blind?


This only means that you take a rest

From the input that those would give

That would deter you from your complete knowledge

That you are born to create, to love, to fulfill, to lift, to design

That you are born with the design of magnificence


And so we ask you

Even if it is only moments

To sleep with quality

To take that respite

Even in the midst of so many other thoughts

To give yourself the gift

Of restoration to the truth


And we love you so, so, SO

And we come to you from the deep, dark, beautiful, restful place


Of creation

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe

~To watch the live video from Kahaluu, follow this link

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