Remember to Be Loved

We just have a message today, of

Keep your chin up!!

Keep your chin up,

Keep your eyes on the hills,

Keep your heart on the horizon

Even as you integrate, even as you resonate

Remember to connect

To the heart center, of the heart center, of the universe

Remember to be loved

Remember to be supported

Remember to come home.

Remember that we are here,

In every moment,

In every breath

Remember that where you come from,

What you are made of

Is radiance beyond description

Is vibration

Is the frequency

Of love


And everything else is expansion


And all of it

Through every thread

Through every fiber

Through every particle

Is the light of Creation

No matter at what stage you find it


Just remember to come home


In the breath

You can always find us


And we come to you with everything

From the heart center

Of the heart center

Of the universe