How Do You Make the Right Decision? You Have the Divining Rod!

Photo by Kaikea

Photo by Kaikea

A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe


Good morning, beloveds

Today we’d really like to speak to you

About your inner sanctum

About what it really means to have…


About what it really means to have

Access to inner peace

Which requires

Having a chamber

Having a structure

Through which to access this

Because it is not by nature

The state of the universe

Which is not to say that the

State of the universe is war

It is to say that the state of the universe

Is not stillness of any kind

Although there are moments


If you look at the universe as a series of waves

Then the best you could really do

To interpret peace

Or, the way that you’ve thought about peace

Which is this kind of stillness

Would be simply to choose a moment

On the graph of the wave

To call it a pause


So we guess we’d like to completely restructure this idea

Of whatever might occur for you within an inner sanctum

To recreate the idea of what you think of as inner peace (laughs)

So let’s just toss the whole idea of inner peace out the window

Because it is not a useful idea


The best that could be said for it

Is the idea of observing as the world goes by

And this, while it may stop the frenzy of the mind,

Is not nourishment

So, we would like to provide for you

The idea of accessing an inner sanctum that provides nourishment

And not just the idea that peace is the absence of war

That stillness is the absence of movement

And we’d like to invite you to come to this understanding

More as a center,

More as a center of radiance,

More as a center from which you have a vantage point

That provides nourishment and connection

In the midst of anything and everything

In the universe


And so this is really your invitation

To step into the heart center of the heart center

This is your invitation to step into

Your own inner sanctum


And we’d like to give this idea some structure

So that your mind can give it a picture


We’d like to use the idea of sort of a breathing tube

Through the center of your being

This might be familiar to some of you

But we’d like to ask you to take the idea of this column

That you have a column through the center of your being

And through the miracle of structure

There is a radiance that can access

Every one of your cells

From your human body

To all of the different layers of your light body

And this is what we’re concerned with right now

Not how it then communicates to any concept outside of yourself

But how it nourishes your being

So that you create around yourself

Not something we would call protection

We would call it the radiance of nourishment

Of your own connection


And understand that this does not require a barrier around you

Because it is by nature a kind of force field

If it helps you to simply imagine

You’re surrounded by a great trampoline

And anything that comes to you just simply bounces off

Because in this form of radiance and connection to source

There’s no chance of anything landing

Because there is nowhere for it to land


So we’d like you to think of this inner sanctum

As a living, fluid connection to who you really are

And although it surrounds the entire shape

Of your body and light body

Bring it in back to this column for now

Because it is a little easier for you to manage

In this idea


We’d like you to notice

We invite you to experience

How this connection unites

Your mind and your heart

And all the systems that operate your body

From your brain

Down through your spinal column

Where all of the nerves and everything transmit

All of the information

But that the center of this

Is a growing chamber around the heart center

From the heart center

Up to the throat

This is a growing chamber

This is a growing network

This is an evolving organism

It is evolving from the energies that are pouring onto the planet

And from your continued awakening

And ability to access them


And this inner sanctum is unshakable

This inner sanctum has all of the information that you need

To base your decisions on

It radiates up to the brain center

All the way through to your highest self

However you acknowledge these--

All the way through

Every layer of creation

Up to source itself


It is a direct link

To who you are

And by simply tuning into this

Developing growing orb

Whose intelligence increases exponentially

Simply by your acknowledgment of it

You can find guidance


And indecision is the greatest creator of chaos

Your key to inner peace

Is in making your decisions in alignment with who you really are

And it is the analysis and weighing and confusion in a decision

That drives one crazy

And then forces one to react out of fear

Out of control

Out of not knowing

Is this for my higher good?


And all decisions should be based on

What is for your higher good

If you are truly connected

Through your heart

Through this expanding intelligence

Your higher good

Ultimately reverberates

For the good of all

Because you are creation

And creation can only act

In its highest good


When your decisions come from control and fear

You will feel them fall out of this area

You will feel them in the pit of your stomach

You will feel them pinched in your mind

You will feel a spinning sensation

You may experience it slightly differently

But you will feel tension

And you will not feel this glowing expanding sense

Coming from your core and your heart center

Expanding through your throat and your ability to communicate

Expanding through your vision centers and your ways to create


Your decisions that are in alignment with who you really are

Carry with them a sense of expansion

And so your practice

Working within this inner sanctum

Is everything you need to run your life

And this does not require sitting on a mountaintop

Although, mountaintops are nice

But after all that effort, you may only be able to sit

For a minute or two

And it may seem

That the mountaintop was overkill


We invite you to just sit for a moment

When you wake up

Sit for a moment

In the bathroom


If you truly can

Bring yourself to a place in nature

Which could be a park bench

Which could be a windowpane with snow outside

Which could be the ocean, a river, a lake

A tree

Beside a bed of flowers

If you can touch the earth

You may ground and make it simpler for you


But it is enough simply to awaken

And ask to know this inner sanctum

To trust completely that you are utterly connected to source

That you have a direct link

That you have a growing heart center

And expanding in intelligence

And everything you need

To bring yourself back

To a feeling of connection and wholeness

Whenever things begin to tremble

And shatter

Your sense of wholeness

Of belonging

Of fairness


No matter what swirls around you

You have the divine right

To access your inner sanctum

And while this may not immediately

Transform the world around you

It puts you in a place

Where your actions

Are immeasurably more powerful

Than those made from any other point of view

This column of light

This column of breath

Is just the beginning

Of your inner sanctum

It is a place where we are always at your ready

It is a place that we are with you

In complete saturation

And we love you so

And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe










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