Does Being Awakened Mean Being Alone?



Good morning beloveds

Today we want to address the idea,

When it comes to being awakened,

Can you take it with you?

And that begs the question, where are you going?

And we think the even bigger question is,

Where is here? (laughs)


And now we come into the language

Of many different visionaries

Many different prophecies

All of which are in the future

And so maybe the thing to understand

Is that the future is also now


And this is not just esoteric

All you have to do is imagine the future

That you want

See who you are

Feel it

And it is now


But the challenge is

You expect the now to be forever

But now is only ever now (laughs)


But we don’t want to miss the question

That we know is important to you, which is

What is the heaven that is unfolding here?


What is the new earth?

What is the new world?

Who lives there?

What does it look like?

Is it on this planet?

Is there pollution?

Is it multidimensional?

Are you flying?

Is everything operating just with your minds?

Is it anything like this world?

Is it everything like this world?

Does everyone get to come?

Can you pick who comes?


And so we would say it

In the most fundamental way

And in a way

That will seem like it conflicts with physics


That it is truly, exactly, what you allow it to be

And many of you are living there already

In your moments of serenity

In your moments of expression

In your moments of exquisite beauty

In your moments of compassion


Will there be a physical crack?

Will the world really shatter?

Will there be a separation and a veil that only some can see?

Will there be a destruction of the planet?

Will there be a separation of only certain souls?


Well the answer lies

In what you see as life

And what you see as beauty

It is really the judgment between what is good and bad

What is beautiful and not beautiful

What is toxic and non-toxic, in a way,

That creates this continued separation


But we can tell you

That there is no breaking away into nirvana

There is only love

There is only acceptance

There is only integration

And those things ARE a portal

Into a new reality


This is being created now

And we cannot describe

If it is a shifting layer of the earth

But we can say that it is not a breaking away

There is no separation that will protect you,

Imprison the souls that do not want to ascend

And put you into heaven (laughs)


There is only now

And your experience of now

And your practice of how you view the world

Of how you experience it


And all the energetic downloads

All the wisdom of the universe

Will shift you not one bit

Without it vibrating in

To what we will call, in this case,

The Christed consciousness

Without you having multi-faceted inter-dimensional sight

Which allows for ONLY divine love

To emanate through you as you see


And so in this way

You ARE ascended


Now the question really is

If there is a critical mass of souls

Who reach this place

Does a new dimension

For lack of a better word

Get created?


Well it has never quite been done

And this is what is happening now

But there are no shortcuts

And furthermore everyone has a ticket

But not everyone will open their eyes on the ride

And for those who do not

They may feel more like they’re in a house of horrors

Because they can’t allow the depth

The fields, the the layers

As if they are looking only in the dark cave

Instead of recognizing that they are

In crystalline structures

Within mountains

Upon planets

With oceans

Under skies

In universes


And so it is the opening to all of these dimensions

That allows you the expansion and experience of ascension


Ascension—as we’ve said many times—

We need a new word

It’s more like inter-dimensional…

Integrating…swirling…explosion of everything (laughs)


And we speak of--you experience the notion of “higher” energies

Because that is how you’ve named it

The vibrations that are faster, colored in such a way,

And that you see on a band that is above

But it could also be turned sidewise

It could be a ribbon

It could be inside out

It could be upside down

It depends on where “up” is


So, what we say to you

The question, it really comes down to,

Is the eternal challenge…

Are you living in the world and of it?

Are you living in the world and not of it?

But the more that you step into this multi-faceted

Multi-dimensional super-plug of divine comprehension and expression

The very experience of your reflection

Upon those around you

Changes where you are


And so how do you live with money?

How do you go to the grocery store?

You do it by bringing your consciousness with you

And watching how everything you touch is magic

How everything you touch is transformed

How everything you touch feels the love that transmits through you

And so all of those tools simply become what they are

This is the true meaning of turning water into wine

When you are your divine consciousness

Everything you touch is a tool of the divine


And so the practice is to bring yourself with you

And then all that you love

Can be with you as well


And we come to you, as always

From your heart

In the heart center

Of the heart center

Of the universe






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