Careful, Your Light Is Showing! How to Find the Magic of Next Level Language


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Aloha beloveds

Today we would like to speak with you

About the elegance

And the inadequacy

Of words

Of language

Of language in the form that you think of language

As opposed to the language that’s developing


Now we are a lover of words

We who are here at the center of it all

We are a lover of form

We are a lover of expression

We cherish celebrate delight

In all the ways that communication takes place

In all the ways that the spark is communicated

From one to the next

Or from the one to many


And perhaps this is the focus

Of what we’d like to share today

Which is…


Is the one to many


And the global interaction

Through the forms that you have created

The social media, the networks,

The exchange of words, the exchange of images

Has been an exciting time

And yet what we’d like to impress up on you

Is what a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny portion

Of what is really being transmitted

Is obvious in those words and those images


We’ll separate out words for now

Images perhaps later, or for another time

Because images are a collection of so many agreements

Perhaps more expansive than words

And yet words, words are directed in such a way

That they have an impact unlike any other

Because they are personal

Because they come and are filtered through

One’s personal experience

One’s personal background

One’s personal heritage

The whole experience of a word

Is the experience of all incarnate before it

And so it is imbued

Not just with the meaning of the speaker or the writer

But carries with it a legacy

And so there is a richness

And a gorgeousness

And a deliciousness

Of words


And we think right now the most profound impact of words

Comes through songs

Music is a whole other story for another time

Yet we invite you to look at these pointed moments

That come in this crystallization of, not just an idea,

But an experience


In fact we need a new word to merge together

The experience

Of an idea

And an experience

And a shift

And a communication

And a growth

And a leap

And an expansion

That all happens

With this communication


But the challenge is that

People are getting stuck on the words


Let us reframe


There is nothing like a beautifully communicated thought

And the power of the words to convey that

There is such simplicity

Such slicing purity

And so this is the elegance that we celebrate


The inadequacy is in the different experiences of the receiver

That while there is a beautiful part to the differences in

How these words are perceived

There is a danger in misunderstanding

And so we’d like to invite a relationship with words

That allows a more permeable expression


And this involves closing the gap

Between the communicator and the receiver

This involves opening to the greater communication

Behind the words

This involves allowing the most profound wisdom

To come through the communicator

Through this beautifully shaped and honed message

And this permeable exchange with the receiver


And so the way this expansion takes place

Is through the expansion of the heart

There is a softening that can take place in communication

A softening

And a slowing

As if the molecules are slowing down

And from this is created a space

And through this space comes infinite light

And so that every idea being expressed

Is illuminated from this infinite light

And every idea, every word, every focused expression

Carries within it these fractals

So the communication that takes place

Is explosive

Is exponential

Is igniting

So that it is generative


Now it may not be possible to walk around in this state

When you’re asking for a cheeseburger

And it will certainly get more focused and faster

When you’re triggered, angry or upset


But we ask you to open

And bathe

In the profundity

Of what can be communicated

We ask you to be willing

To open

To soften

To allow this permeable barrier

So that this infinite light

Shines through your greatest work

So that this infinite light

Shines through your most succinct statements

And questions


And in softening

Slowing this communication

We expect you will find

An ease of transmission


This is not just for writers

This is not just for creatives

This is for anyone

That would communicate with anyone about anything

But especially

To start with

Of import

Of beauty

Of appreciation

And even of conflict


And so we welcome you to this world

Of fractal words

Of kaleidoscopic language

Wherein you are able

To regenerate both yourself and others

With each communication

And to use words in a way

That will delight and ignite you

Over and over again

Each day


We can’t wait to see what comes forward


And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe