Can We Heal Our Money Stories?


A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe

Aloha beloveds

Today we would like to talk to you about money

Money money money money money money money


We’d like to speak to the essence of what it is

That drives you so crazy

The essence of we see literally hidden within your DNA

As if it is coding you to behave certain ways

And we would not dismiss this

We would instead like to draw your attention for a moment

To allow you to feel it within the strands of your being

Feel its instructions

Like the money leis at a Hawaiian graduation

See the money woven around each other

Like the bitchains

Like the links of iron

See it, perhaps more accurately, made of ore

See it strung through the energetic,

The physical energetic meridians of your body

See the story that is woven

Through the centuries

Through the millennia

And more

This money story

Witness its power and its dominating messaging

(We were going to say matrix)

And it’s as if you do not have the ability to separate

From that essence

As if it is made of ore

As if magnetization coalesces in different parts of your body

As if the very light that you flow through

The ambrosia of your being

Is no resistance to this ancient codification

Within each money link

Are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of stories

Of hierarchies

Of power

Of control

And this energetic, physically energetic experience

Dominates—the word is—the narrative

Dominates the narrative

No matter how you break away

No matter how present and expansive you are

These shards of metallic power

Gather together

And vibrate their own story

And we bring this to your attention

Because rather than dismissing it with

Games of abundance

And positive thinking

We want you to see the power of this narrative

And how it has shaped you

And then step away from

Well, to step away from the games of hide and seek

That you may be playing with this power

That if you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist

That if you live in the present

It has no control


Because while this is utterly true

And when you are fully plugged into your divine expansive being

And you are in the mode of creation

It is a 1000 percent true

That these gatherings of ore

Have no power over your being

Nonetheless when there’s an ebb of this divine flow

There they come back, as if nothing has ever dislodged them


And so you live in coexistence with this river of light

And what we would call, this chain gang,

Clanking along within those same pathways

And so we would not ask you

Right at this moment

To just dissolve them

Because as long as you are connected with the collective

Which nearly every one of you chooses to be

You also live with that merit

And so one of you may rise and float

It still instills in those around you

Their own desire to be free

Which exerts and almost amplifies

The power of this ore within them

And so every reaction to every state of life with this money

In essence seems to strengthen its bonds


So what we invite you to do

Is to look at the narrative

With as much patience as you can

To step back and see how it shapes

With a little perspective and courage

It’s easy to see how arbitrary and false

The promises of these structures are

And yet nothing seems to ever stop

The desire for enough money

To break free of the control

And yet the control is exerted

Precisely because of the hold of the money system


And this is an agreement that you have made

And carved

And developed

And in fact, encoded

Within your beings

You are not unique in this way

In the universal systems


We want you to know absolutely

That the vibration and the connection to divinity

Literally can vibrate loose

And dissolve these bonds

It absolutely can

And yet we would like to soften your expectation

That this will happen in a vacuum

Or right away

That the first step is to understand

The relationship that humans have developed with  money

Going back as far as you believe your history goes back

Whether that is to Mesopotamia or Atlantis

We would have you see that this system encodes the hierarchy

That is born in the nature of competition

And that perhaps the way to shift it

Is not to deny the nature of competition

Because tugging against those bonds simply makes them stronger

And to not simply decide unilaterally

To shift to cooperation

When it has never been successful

For any sustained time on the planet

But in fact, instead, to open yourself to the idea

That competition can exist with a different currency


Because competition is really just

The coming together of different desires

And the blossoming of different talents

Each of you has talents unto your own

And it is a challenge to create a world where everybody is celebrated

But make no mistake that everybody wants to be celebrated

So the question is how can you create a currency

That doesn’t require hoarding?

How can you create a currency

That doesn’t require tripping one’s competition at the finish line?

While still acknowledging this desire for excellence?

Now we can speak separately to those

Who are driven solely by fear

And for those souls there may never be another currency

But you do have the choice to begin to dissolve

This ore within your being

Because although it appears to be encoded into your DNA

You have the absolute power to change it

And there is a collective agreement that can be forged to dissolve these bonds

And yet we invite you to not react with a 180 degree polaric change

Because then nothing really has changed

And the pressure to keep it down will become

the same as the pressure to keep it going

And so perhaps it’s more like a spiral

Of those of you rising and falling

Rising and falling

Rising and falling in a rhythm like a spiral

So that each can be wanting, desiring and reaching

At different times

And celebrated and inspired

At different times

With the understanding

That this desire to control

That this desire to one-up

Has been inherent

Through all of human history

Whether you believe it is a fall from grace

Whether you believe it is from a reptilian race

Whether you believe it is a hybrid implant

Whether you believe it is simply the nature of competition

Whatever it is, it is an ancient, ancient system

And we invite you to honor it

By seeing it

We invite you to honor all the ties

And the critical piece is to not shame yourself within your role

Because you have been all those roles

If not all, you have been in gradations of those roles

And your family has been in gradations of those roles

Now is it possible that there is only an elite few

Who have run this course of control at the highest level?

It is possible

And yet they are dependent on the collective belief

That the ore magnetized within your veins is immutable


And so we invite you to open the conversation

Of what money has been for you

What money has been for your family

Where it has happened in the social status of your lives

Of your ancestors’ lives

While we generally do not put much sway

In what you must bring through ancestrally

We believe this is a loving way

To begin to explore the dynasty of control

To begin to look openly at the narrative of control

And come together and share these experiences

Of money in your lives and families

It would be especially helpful

If those families with much money

Could cooperate with those families without money

To understand the role of control that has been played in the human spirit

Because while it is definitely true in these times

That the flow of money allows for comfort

It does not ever protect from the most fundamental pain of human existence

It never protects from loneliness

It never protects from the disconnection of spirit

It never protects from the presence (and absence) of love


So come together and share your stories

And release the shame for all around

The shame of your wanting

The shame of your having

The shame of those who have and those who want

The shame of those who lack

The shame of those who lie

The shame even of those who struggle to keep it all within control

And look openly and fearlessly at these stories

We hesitate to call them money wounds

But for lack of better words

This is what we’ll call them

Become aware of the narrative

With as little judgement as possible

Watch Downton Abbey (laughs)

And see if you can find the threads

Of how money has turned blood cold or warm

All the while having nothing whatsoever

To do with abundance, real abundance


We may speak another time on the glorious role of money

With the human spirit

And the capacity to create, create, create

At the highest level


And so it is not money, to be clear, necessarily

That we are speaking about

We are speaking about its metalicized form

In the legacy of the human species


Open your hearts to one another

Find the common ground


And we come to you

With all our love

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe